Pink Living Room
Indoor Snake Plants

looking to make my mark 

one day at a time.

this is me

My name is Britney Graf and I am a creator, entrepreneur, and leader.


I am first a creator in life through both my marketing and strategy background and my artistic background designing custom creations with Cakes by Britney. I enjoy designing advertising, strategy, art, desserts, and most recently photography. 

I am also an entrepreneur in every aspect of my life where I lead and manage with the intention to always be progressing forward. I am very analytical and make business decisions on proven results but also see the potential rewards that risk can provide. This is one of the reasons I chose to pursue my MBA as I knew this learning experience's benefits would balance my strategic thinking skills with my past experiences. This is also apparent in my leadership efforts where I bring this progression forward into my team by providing insight for improvements while supporting the direction needed to reach the big picture. 

I also define myself by my personal life as many life events have shaped who I am. Including the passion for travel, adventure, and exploration but not without planning! You will see I enjoy many things in life but don't do so without a plan. The one thing that the covid pandemic has taught me is to relax my expectations for planning as there is always going to be uncertainty in life. And that is ok!

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