past involvement that shaped 

who I am today.

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As the Communications Co-Chair, I was responsible for social media management and engagement with over 5,500 followers, email marketing to over 1,300 subscribers, analytics analysis on all digital advertising, managing website strategy,

and designing content and creatives for the usage across all marketing tools. 

Value-added marketing included providing relevant marketing and business content, increase SPMA memberships, and increase awareness and attendance about events. The SPMA is about building communities, networks, and professional development opportunities for marketing and advertising professionals in Saskatchewan.

 marketing    communications    strategy    branding    management 
 social media 
  conference    logistics    experience    leadership 

fuze conference

As the Communications C-Chair, my responsibilities included executing email marketing to over 1,300 subscribers, implementing social media strategies to over 5,500 followers, managing transactions and developing a new website. I ensured out message was delivered consistently across all print and online media. 

The FUZE conference is all about bringing Marketing professionals together through workshops, keynote speakers and networking. 

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My role as Volunteer Coordinator required the coordination, training, and managing of over 65 volunteers.  My goal was to provide a positive experience for the volunteers and participants for the last ever conference and festival. This included leading volunteer orientation and appreciation sessions and working with the board

on event logistics to achieve event and volunteer goals. 

MoSo is a community-driven music festival and conference. The point is to bring creative communities together for a weekend of learning, networking, and fun. 

 volunteer    communications    logistics    event    leadership 
  training    management    professional 


I was lucky enough to be a part of the 2012 Canadian Country Music Awards as the FanFest Leader and the 2017 John Deere Green Carpet & Countdown Concert. 


The experience provided an opportunity to work alongside industry professionals. I provided a positive experience to over 3,500 guests and 50 volunteers at the FanFest 

event. The John Deere Green Carpet & Countdown Concert before the awards show included coordinating, training and managing 15 volunteers that had more exclusive access to professionals and artists requiring smooth operations. 

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relay for life

I have been a part of 6 Relay for Life events in both Humboldt and Saskatoon to raise awareness for cancer research. 

For the first three events, I held the position of Silent Auction Coordinator including procuring silent auction items from over 100 local businesses and organizing logistics around the silent auction tent.  

For the last three events, I took on the role  of Volunteer Coordinator. This included the recruitment and retention of over 200 volunteers a year including the recruitment, scheduling, and management of the volunteers.

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ebss mss

While attending the Edwards School of Business, I sat on both the Marketing Students Society and Edwards Business Students Society. 

In the Marketing Students Society, I held both a Vice President role and Online 

Media Director role which included implementing and managing a website, social media strategy (when social media was easy!!), and developing workshops, social events, charitable events, and the annual case competition. 

Within the Edwards Business Students Society, I took on the role of Business Formal and Graduation Co-Director. This included planning 2 large events including the annual formal networking event for over 400 guests and the Graduation Banquet and Ceremonies for over 450 guests.